Recruitment is like Baseball and Dating

Recruit like a baseball coach.  Fill skills not positions.  Like a good baseball team determine what are the 5 universal skills that are non-negotiable.  There are not specialties or specialized skills.  Running, Throwing, Batting average….I lost my train of thought here because truthfully I really don’t like baseball or sports metaphors…but I get it…hopefully you do too!  All team players/scouts have to have the same baseline skills.  After that – it’s fitting people into to the playing field.

Furthermore baseball scouts don’t write job descriptions and interview candidates!  They go out and watch them play and track how they perform and then go after the best.  Go where you can observe talent in their element. Where you can observe their true skills in action.  Have you ever been to a hack-a-thon?  Or recruited top talent from one?  Be where you can observe passion and ability.

Some innovative ideas to consider (apply them to your industry/sector/job family) – spend a few hours listening to hack-a-thon product pitches (they can often code in 2 days what can take companies years!), case competitions, mall walking (retail) etc…are you where you observe talent at their best and in their element?

Switching gears – Recruiting is like dating – what are some of the things you should do before you get into a relationship?  Zhang makes some interesting correlations between this top list and recruiting.

There are 4 top things that he cites.

1. Fix something – translation to recruitment process – ask your candidate(s) to write a report, present on a case study, present on a project… do they approach and fix problems2. Dance – interviews in the office are too static, text book…grab a coffee, get out in a different environment to see some true colors and get to know the real you/them.  It goes both ways.

3. Hangout with animals – ‘animals’ in this case is employees! How do they interact with employees in random and group settings?

4. Drive – this is skills test – give them tests, coding, math/accounting – whatever it might be relevant to the role…prove it.

Next up – “Let’s talk Culture” – We’re kinda weird!

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