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"TalentMinded reduced the workload associated with recruitment while ramping up the speed at which we were able to bring innovative thought-leaders and energetic novices into the fold. People who didn’t just meet a list of qualifications, but who felt like friends and partners that we wanted to spend our days with. The coaching, guidance, and discipline that TalentMinded brought to the process were invaluable. We increased our efficiency and were able to shift the focus of our hiring managers from interviewing many applicants to conducting more impactful conversations with fewer, but better qualified, candidates. We improved our professional image in the job market as a fresh and exciting company that adds value and drives meaningful results with our clients."

John Moore, President, Venngo Inc

"TalentMinded has been instrumental in helping Jibestream change the way we approach finding new talent.  Through our partnership we have learned and adapted to how the job market wants to engage with prospective employers.  In a time where its harder to find A+ employees than new customers, working with TalentMinded has been a great investment for us."

Chris Wiegand, CEO, Jibestream

"I worked with TalentMinded while I was President of ARGUS Software (60M global enterprise software company, 200 employees), as we underwent rapid growth and expansion.  We faced a significant challenge as we were looking for multiple different resources - across many locations.  Their unique approach (process and pricing particularly) struck me as much more effective and economical than traditional search.  TalentMinded also helped build our brand to the candidate community.  Partnering with TalentMinded we successfully found many excellent employees. The TalentMinded team were professional and effective, and worked closely with us and our recruitment process - helping us find those people who could contribute to a high-performance culture.  I would strongly recommend Kim and her team at TalentMinded."

Mike Abramsky, President

"I engaged TalentMinded as VP of HR at ARGUS Software. The team quickly became a trusted partner and advisor to myself and every hiring manager around the globe. I was able to focus on complex issues in other areas of the business knowing that Talent Acquisition was being managed exceptionally. Through this partnership, we hired a lot of great talent AND raised our capital as an employer through the candidate experience and increased hiring manager capability." 

Jennifer Bouyoukos, VP, Talent Management

"TalentMinded has provided us with a resourcing and recruitment strategy that has resulted in unbelievably fantastic candidates.  Their process and methodology is top notch.  I’m really happy to be working with a team like TalentMinded."

Chris Leblanc, VP, Operations, Seradex Web Services Inc.

"TalentMinded helped us completely transform our recruiting and hiring process. They replaced our ineffective hit and miss approach with a targeted process that delivers real results. The bottom line is a great collection of new hires along with a pipeline of promising candidates.  If you are scaling up talk to Kim and her team at TalentMinded!"

Mark Corker, CEO, Seradex Web Services Inc.

"TalentedMinded is awesome! I can seriously sleep better knowing that my external talent pipeline is being managed and nurtured with such attention to detail. Thank you to the TalentMinded team for helping us find great tech talent." 

Daneal Charney, HR Director, NexJ Systems

"TalentMinded are a team of true professionals who took the time to fully understand our business needs. They were instrumental in driving change through the talent acquisition space. Their high work ethic, knowledge and professional practice ensured that they were quickly able to become true talent advisors / partners and make recommendations that would impact the recruitment experience overall."

Sharon Binelli, Director, Talent Acquisition, SEHC

"TalentMinded provided incredible value at all project stages. More than just delivering hires, they implemented a new applicant tracking system (which we continue to use), developed custom screening tools to support the process and integrated the diversity and cultural competencies in the recruitment process. The team listened to our true needs, were responsive to project changes, and patient throughout.  We were particularly impressed with TalentMinded’s project management capability.  Emma’s professionalism and ability to keep the project on-target were huge success factors."

Rebecca Shields, CEO, CMHA York Region 



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